Welcome to Heart of History!

Whether Manifest Destiny or the conquered foe, history croons a haunting ballad, drawing us to the wonderment of lives and lands of the past. For this reason, I weave the proud and sordid truth through the fiery characters of my mind to take you, the reader, on an unforgettable journey—a Journey through tragedy, secrets, regret, and God’s undeniable grace.

After twenty-five years in the front of a high school classroom, I began a second career writing freelance. I saw a good deal of success, and the rewards were incredible. Then God stretched my mind and heart. He had more for me.

Why not write what I love to read?  I dared to step out and begin writing Historical Fiction. If I could no longer guide minds and hearts into discovery from a teacher’s podium, I would do it from the pages of a book. And HEART OF HISTORY was born.

Kendy is an award-winning author, former Christian High School teacher, and part-time music instructor. In addition to writing historical fiction, she has published more than 200 articles in the four years she has been writing. Her first book, a Bethany House anthology, debuted in 2016. Kendy has completed three novel manuscripts and keeps busy in the interim writing curriculum and a magazine column.
Her books have earned a Genesis Award, two Cascade Awards, two-time Genesis Award finalist, Cascade Award finalist, and First Impressions finalist. She is represented by Books and Such Literary Management and an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Oregon Cristian Writers.
The Amplified Bible, big families, fireplaces, and snow all hold a special place in Kendy’s heart.

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