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I am scheduling Nine “Write for Publication” workshops for 2022. These may be presented individually or grouped for 3, 4, or 5-hr presentations.
Workshops 1-4 make a great Introduction to Publication Writing series, which may be presented singly or as a 5-hr. mini conference. These classes have been well received and requested for repeat. “Eye-opening” is the comment I hear most frequently. The fun, interactive workshops are for both teens and adults in any stage of their writing journey. Attendees will learn about the publishing industry, the endless opportunities to write professionally, the intricacies of the writing craft required for publication, and the anatomy of a novel. With these tools, they will step-out with success and get noticed by editors and agents.
“Write for Publication, the Sequel”– Workshops 5-9 offer specialty help for those areas that often pose challenges even for seasoned writers.

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PLUS: NaNoWriMo Three-Hour Intensive Workshop

             –Schedule Now for August – October!       

                –Everything you need to know BEFORE you start that novel

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