“Why Rhubarb?” you ask?


As a young girl growing up in rural Iowa, I spent most of my waking hours outdoors. I had a swing in the locust tree outside my bedroom window and was forced to do hard labor weeding the family garden. Near the garden was a beautiful mound of rhubarb. Every year I couldn’t wait for those juicy, sour stalks to mature so I could eat them. They never made it into a pie or onto the kitchen table. Nope. I would munch on them all day long while I played outside.

Why do kids seem to like sour things??  I loved sour pickles, lemons, and rhubarb – anything to put a pucker on my face. I remember my own daughter as a toddler eating dill pickles and lemons, sitting in her high chair making the most awful face. A moment later she’d be reaching for more. My students in school loved those Cry Babies and Sour Patch something-or-others. I can’t abide much sour or pucker anymore.

It Is What It Is

I’ve learned something through the years: people eat rhubarb in different ways. They have ways of making it more palatable to them, but it’s still rhubarb. It’s still that crunchy, red colored, stripy, stringy, stalky treat.

Life is kind of like rhubarb. It is what it is.  Like it the way it is or make it the way you like it. I ask you though: are you willing to take what comes your way, even if it means some puckering here and there? Can you get used to the pucker-power of life on this earth without trying to change its true flavor?

In a letter to the Church of Philippi, Paul said:

…I have learned how to be [f] content (satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or disquieted) in whatever state I am.” (Philippians 4:11 Amplified)

 How Do You Like Your Rhubarb?

In later posts I’ll talk about changing our taste buds a bit so the pucker-power of the daily grind doesn’t encourage those frown lines and crow’s feet we all dread.


2 thoughts on ““Why Rhubarb?” you ask?

  1. Great post! My mom used to make a rhubarb custard pie. It was great! (As were all her pies- I don’t get them very much anymore since I moved to Oregon.) I’m looking forward to your next post. Love the name of your blog!


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